All ICOs Are in One Place to Increase Your Profits

Do you have problems in choosing the best crypto? Look at It’s a service with 293 types of crypto, which are being estimated in different indexes to help you in choosing the best one.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, it may be difficult to find out which coins are the best for investment. Fortunately, ICOs Catalog was created. The developers have collected absolutely variable crypto and monitored them in different indexes. Let’s see what they have.

The main idea

The goal of this website is to collect as many information about ICOs as possible. So, the platform itself looks like an ICO rating which is posted on the main page. The users will find the name of the coins, start and end dates, average traffic, backlinks, evaluation, activity, potency, messages, and EAP. All of them are taken per 30 days. A great thing is that you can tick all necessary types and the service will compare them for you.

Some additional features

Except for the main table, there are some more useful pages to look at. First of all, open the page with ICO statistics and calendar. The authors have marked start days with green circles and end days with red. So it’ll be easier to estimate the profits. Also, you can post a new crypto. Open a “Publish ICO” crypto, give all the information about it and wait until it’ll be shown to all visitors.

The advantages

The mentioned service is a good example of a platform with objective data. All ratings are made not only from experts’ opinion but from users’ comments and general information about coins.

So, there’s no need for searching “experts” on doubtful websites when there’s ICO Catalog.