Anonymous Creators of a Service Which Makes You Invisible On the Internet – Besmixer Review

The best way to create a service helping to stay anonymous is not to open the developers’ names and addresses of offices. This is the way the creators of Bestmixer have chosen. If you open the “Resources” section, you won’t find anything except for the link to support service. But are there other factors providing anonymity and safety? Let’s find out.

The principle of mixers

Bestmixer operates on the same base with other services – it mixes your coins with random currency from other users. In the end, you get the same amount of money but there’re no names and addresses, they are deleted in a process. The thing which is special about the mentioned website is that it gives a letter of guarantee to every user in order to prove you’ve made a transaction.

Other Guarantees

One more thing Bestmixer provide the clients with is a guarantee you won’t get the old coins back. This service supports three different funds so the chance of mixing without an actual mixing is impossible. Moreover, there’s an ability to choose the fund by yourself. One can mix coins with other clients’ money in Alpha Pool, both with clients’ and investors’ currency in Beta Pool and using only investments from Gamma Pool. Bitcoin blender

Clear fees

Bestmixer has reasonable prices for its service. Every coin costs different depending on the number of coins, the currency type and the current occupancy of cryptocurrency network. It sounds difficult unless one opens a special section where there’s a table for every coin (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash) with possible discounts for every case.

So, Bestmixer really can provide users with anonymity not only because of the hidden creators but its features and functions.