Bitdefender Antivirus is the Best for Windows 8.1

If you are still looking for the best antivirus, you can stop right here. Bitdefender Antivirus has everything you are looking for. The fast, easy-to-use and totally protecting software will make wonders with your devices.
It’s as fast as lightning since it takes seconds to install and it doesn’t slow down your PC at all. You can play all kinds of video games, do some complicated photo or video editing without worry that the antivirus will take all the resources and crash all your activities.
Being powerful doesn’t mean take much space on your device. Download the full or trial version at and be amazed by how powerful the protection is despite being so lightweight. A free 30-day trial will be more than enough to realize you want only this antivirus on your Windows 8.1.
Bitdefender Antivirus is a silent guardian of your comfort and devices’ safety. You can rely on it whether it’s a virus, a cyber threat, or anything else. The on-demand scanning runs in the background providing you with the essential protection. But you can also run it manually anytime.
It does not matter if you are an average user or a skillful tech person. The moment you install it on your Windows 8.1, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the total absence of unnecessary extra features and annoying ads.
This software also protects you from the Internet fraud. In case you end up on a scam site or the filtering systems notice the suspicious activity on the page, the antivirus will secure your financial data from falling into somebody else’s hands.
Anti-Phishing is another great feature which allows you to keep all passwords safe and freely browse the Internet. It blocks all kinds of phishing websites which try to steal your data by pretending to be completely safe.
The award-winning software offers you the best technologies directly from the Bitdefender Labs to secure your gadgets and data from all possible threats. The automated updates stop the newly invented viruses from getting to your computer or stealing your sensitive information.
Bitdefender Antivirus is the best thing that can happen to your Windows 8.1. However, if your device works on a different version of Windows or runs on Mac OS, the brand can offer you a product that was designed especially for your device. It even works with smartphones and helps you protect your Android or iPhone.