Get Acquainted with a New Way of Listening to Music for Free

Do you want to save some money on content, but don’t want to break the law? It’s not a problem when there’s Today we’ll show you this website in details and explain why it is the one you should pay attention to.

What would you choose: listening to favorite music on your phone or going to your favorite singer’s concert? If you’ve chosen the second variant, we’ll reveal a great method of saving money for a concert without losing the voice of your liking group or singer.

Save money on content

Because of the latest laws and prohibitions, everybody users paid services for music listening. If you’re a music fan, it’s a great part of your monthly expenses. That’s why we want to show a service which doesn’t ask money for music. is your guide to free music and often concerts.

Briefly about the service

This website was created in 2017, and during this year it has been actively filled with hundreds of tracks. The developers divided all the songs depending on the genre and left a search bar to find a necessary artist directly. When you choose the song you like, it’s very easy to listen to it. Just download it to the computer and enjoy your favorite voice.

Why it is legal to use this website

Rildi doesn’t rob any artist or group as the tracks are represented for one listening, to understand whether you like it or not. If visitors follow the written rules, there’ll be no problems with the law. Just don’t forget to delete the file from your computer.

Now imagine that you didn’t buy the last three albums but saved this money for the future. Add a few dollars and get your concert ticket. Everything is easier than you thought!