Two Main Types of Air Compressors – A Guide to Choosing the Best of Them

Do you like fast and easy repairing? If yes, you might use the instruments with air compression. We’d like to offer you the best device to operate with compressed air – the air compressor. Using this instrument, you won’t have any problems with the repair!

If you work with instruments a lot, you must have encountered the ones that use compressed air while operating. And to provide them with the latter, the air compressors were invented. Learn more about them, their kinds and the criteria for choosing this or that compressor.

The kinds of air compressors

There are two types of this machine – a reciprocating and a screw compressor. The first one has an 8-10-bar pressure, a productivity of 200-500 LPM and the power about 2000 W. It’s very convenient when working at home. A screw compressor has a 6-15-bar pressure, a productivity of 500-12000 LPM and the power from 2000 to 90000 W. It is dedicated to working during several work changes.

The criteria for choosing an air compressor

The instrument as everything needs to have several features to profit from other models and to be chosen by the majority. The air compressor also has something to consider:

  • The power;
  • The pressure;
  • The productivity;
  • The weight;
  • The size;
  • The voltage;
  • The receiver capacity.

More about each criterion one can find on After you decided what kind of a compressor to buy, you can make a purchase. A normally chosen one will work much better and will help to ease any action.

All in all, we’ve described some essential information on air compressors and we hope you learned something new. Now, go and buy it with a 100-% assurance!