We have sex at our home: 5 tips for young parents

A few hours you were singing lullabies but after half an hour the baby again in your room asking to save him from ghosts – no time even to think about having sex.

It’s no wonder, that social survey Parenting among 1000 mothers and fathers, has really unpleasant results:

  • 30 percent of respondents had sex only once or twice a month;
  • 10 percent – less than once a month;
  • 15 percent stopped having sex.

More often, parents told about tiredness and a great number of obligations. But their real problem is a failure to prioritize cases. It is clear – it is quite hard to adapt to child regime. Besides all, most parents put child’s interests in the first place. But, what should they do?

How to find time for sex. Think fast!

Never delay it. Think faster and choose any suitable moment – grandmother went out with a child in the park and you have a half an hour? Kids watching their favourite cartoon, someone urgently needs a shower? Or maybe you should wake up a bit earlier? Morning sex sometimes better than coffee!

Toys for adults

Some women can’t reach the orgasm while “fast sex”. Sex toys can help you with it – many couples told that their sex became brighter thanks to toys from “sex shops”. Also, some drugs and supplements like female Viagra name could be really helpful.


It is true that after you had a child you need to plan everything even the sex. But it is better than nothing. It even could be funny, set rule, for example – “Saturday night – sex night”. But do not refuse spontaneous sex.

Partial caresses

If you really have no time for normal sex, do not forget about mutual touch, kisses, oral sex and so on.

Skip affairs

Sometimes you can miss meetings with relatives or late a bit for a work, in order to be together. Do not forget that sex make your relationships stronger, increases immunity improves sleep and mood.