What are push notifications: how they work and how they look?

Push notifications are a new channel of communication with users of web resources. The technology works through internet browsers in various operating systems. This diversity allows you to reach more than 85% of the entire audience of internet users.

What are the push notifications?

Push ads are brief messages that a website sends to its subscribers on various devices. These ads make the user return to the website that he or she has already been to. Push ads are supported by various browsers on desktop and mobile platforms (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Yandex).

The technical side of push mailing allows the development of a more responsive and productive marketing strategy based on the user’s behavior.

Push notifications appear on top of all opened windows and stay on the device screen for a certain amount of time. Some OS (for example, Android) allow you to get push ads even when the browser is closed.

The user himself subscribes to the push-mailing. The subscription procedure is simplified as much as possible: it is done by clicking once on the Allow button in the browser’s service window (on HTTPS sites) or in two clicks (on HTTP sites).

Subscribers do not need to tell about their personal data (phone number, e-mail address, and other information that is required, for example, when subscribing to emails, SMS or other messages).

A simple procedure and the lack of the need to provide data about yourself are the first step to forming a positive interaction with the client. Often, the user agrees to subscribe in the native browser window impulsively. If in the future the pushes they receive are interesting and relevant, the client will not unsubscribe.

Push notification structure looks like this:

  • Title (the main subject of the message) – up to 65 characters
  • The message text – up to 240 characters
  • A link to the web page specified by the sender
  • Picture

The structure of the push notifications can vary, depending on the browser.

For each browser and device type, the push message can be displayed differently. In addition, the appearance of the push ad can be influenced presetting the parameters on the sender’s side. The additional elements in the push advertising network include:

  • Large pictures – 360х240 pixels, instead of the standard 192х192
  • Buttons to go to different pages, or to select an action in one message